'Neid (Envy)' Original Signed and Certified Stretch Canvas Artwork

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'Neid (Envy)' Original Signed and Certified Stretch Canvas Artwork

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Everyone has experienced envy at some point in life. In this piece I have tried to capture the encompassing feelings and thoughts that surround this. From the multi layered depth, to the calm tranquil exterior that you masquerade for all to see whilst nearby having stewing, boiling feelings of rage at the forefront and all of the deep calculated thoughts in the background of your mind.

Artwork Name:                      ‘Neid (Envy)’

Collection:                               ‘2020 Feelings Collection’

Number in Collection:          2 of 6

Artist:                                       Shaun Mills


1x Original Signed and Certified Stretched Canvas, Serial Numbered with matching Certificate of Authenticity

24′ x 24′ or (61cm x 61cm)

Unframed Canvas with Hanging wire on back

*- Framing for this certified original can be arranged for an additional cost, please contact for more information.

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